TIMER LOCK 3 App for Smart Phone smartphone addiction タイマーロック3

Blocked by one-dollar charge
TIMER LOCK 3 Released for Smart Phone Addicts

Yoshita Design Planning is a design consulting company in Kanazawa Japan.
In addition to web design, we have been concerned about users’ addiction to smart phones. Smart phone addiction has been a significant problem in recent years, and it is quite common to fiddle with a smart phone for more than five hours a day.

●Functions of TIMER LOCK 3
This app locks the smart phone for a certain time from the current time till the set time. The interval is every 10 minutes and a maximum time length is 12 hours. In case of emergency, the communication function remains ON.
If you are not patient enough and want to reset the lock function halfway, one dollar will be charged.!

●How to Use
Search the Google play store especially designed for the Android terminal devices for “timerlock3”.





This application was designed for those who tend to lack in concentration and check their smartphone when they should be studying for entrance exams, tests, etc. It’s for those who continue checking their text messages or wasting time on social networks. It’s also for those who keep touching the smartphone till late at night and cannot enter a deep sleep.
Checking your smartphone for 3 hours every day is equal to spending 5 years on your phone if you continue doing this for 40 years. Checking your smartphone for 6 hours every day is equal to spending 10 years within the same period. Let’s save our precious time to use it for something more meaningful.


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Person in charge: Mamoru Yoshita


●タイマーロック3 (セルフユースタイプ) (アプリ内課金)






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